Yaesu FT-101E

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I purchased my FT-101E to see what the fuss was about, with the thought of experiencing it for two or three months and then selling it again. In my mind I expected to shortly be in the "got the T-shirt" or "I've had one of those before" club. Little did I know what an impact this rig would make on me.

When testing the radio pre-purchase, I spent more time checking the cosmetic condition and the transmit function. I saw the needle rose to full output power, and cosmetically it was as new, with the plastic still on the face and not a scratch or a speck of dust inside or out.

Regardless, at that stage I was still more impressed with the YD-844 mic that came with it. I heard enough static and thought it to be fine, only to find out later that although there was ample static, the RX was dead. I immediately suspected the FETs, and left the radio standing for a while, occasionally mumbling bad comments at myself about it. Eventually I posted a plea for help, subsequently receiving some comforting advice as to other, less serious causes and easier fixes.

I soon learned that the FT101-series utilizes a small bulb as a fuse-lamp, protecting the rig from coax static. This lamp was hidden behind a screw-on plastic cover at the back, and once located I immediately noticed that the lamp was blown. I eventually found a supplier for the 12v 120mA miniature bayonet, and promptly installed it. WOW... she was ALIVE. Excellent audio came pouring through and the meter easily jumped 20 over 9.

Then, it happened. I fell in love with this radio quicker than I could call CQ. What a beaut. A fun, responsive, easy to operate hybrid rig, which would compliment any shack. I received good reports all around, and the RX was now crystal clear. This transceiver is now one of my favorites, and needless to say, one which I cannot see myself parting with anytime soon.

More details on the FT-101E can be found "here"

Posted by Jacques ZS6JPS
on 07.07.2014 23:06

73 de ZS6JPS on behalf of ZS0AWA
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I own a FT101ZD. It works very well and I prefer the valves in the final to transistors.
It drifts a bit on frequency but I use a DDS VFO I built myself as an external VFO and now it is as stable as can be.
The sound is better than any DSP radio I've heard.

Posted by Conrad ZS6CWB
on 03.12.2014 09:21

73 de ZS6JPS on behalf of ZS0AWA

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