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Manuals and schematics :

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Also see "Getting the Utmost From the AR-88"

Tube and Semiconductor Complement:

13: 6SG7 6J5 6SA7 6H6 6SJ7 6V6GT VR150 5Y3GT

Model Notes

Specialized communications receiver with crystal filter and additional IF gain control for diversity reception. Continuous frequency coverage of 535 kHz to 32 MHz in 6 switched bands. Rack version only, used in RCA DR-89 diversity reception sets (3 receivers in common rack with monitoring unit, tone keyer and loudspeaker assy). Tube types above are listed only once. DR-89 racks have been supplied in quantities during WWII to the UK and the USSR by Lend-Lease Act in 1942-1945. AR-88-F receivers were quite common at USSR amateur radio operators in 1950s.