Date of Manufacture:1967-1970

Manuals and schematics :

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Tube and Semiconductor Complement:

19: 6EA8 6AU6 6AU6 6AU6 6EA8 6CB6 6CL6 6146 6146 6AU6 6AU6 6EA8 6BN8 6GW8 6EA8 12AU7 12AT7 0A2 12AT7

Model Notes

The SB-101 80...10 meter Ham Band Transceiver came on the market in 1967 and was produced until 1970. It replaced the SB-100, that came on the market in 1965. The SB-101 was then replaced by the SB-102, that was produced until 1975. The SB-100/SB-101/SB-102 series resembled some of the Collins products at the time, so quite often they were called "the poor mans Collins". The SB-101 was a slightly improved SB-100. The SB-102 was an improved SB-101. The major difference is that the SB-102 has a solid state VFO or LMO (Linear Master Oscillator), as Heathkit called it, but theSB-100 and theSB-101 has a valve VFO (LMO).

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