Eddystone 770R Mk II

Eddystone 770R Mk II


Date of Manufacture:1961(?) to 1965

Manuals and schematics :

User manual: Download Here

Schematics: Download Here

Tube and Semiconductor Complement:

6AK5(3); 6BA6(4),6AU6(2),6AL5(2),EF91,12AU7(2),EL91(2,VR150/30,5Z4

Model Notes

The Eddystone 770R Mk 2 covers 19 to 165 MHz in 6 Wavebands. It has a turret tuner front-end with a 6AK5 as RF amplifier. The intermediate frequency is 5.2MHz. Operating modes are CW, AM, Narrow Band FM and Wide band FM. It has a crystal calibrator with pips every 5.0 MHz. Selectivity is adjusted according to mode automatically. It has a simple noise-limiter and features inter-station muting. The S-Meter circuit is driven by DC amplifier. In FM mode, the s-meter is used to zero-in on the station. The set has inter station muting on FM.


Controls are: Tuning, Bandswitch, AF Gain, IF Gain, Mode, Noise Limiter, Stand-By, Muting and Crystal Calibrator.


By modern standards, the set is rather insensitive. The single conversion design has poor image performance, resulting in pagers and security guards being heard all over the upper band. On a good aerial (discone) there is plenty to receive.


Alignment of this set is more difficult than most if full performance is to be achieved. It is easy to degrade the audio performance on the broadcast band at the expense of selectivity on AM. The Foster-Seeley discriminator is best set up with a sweep generator.