Date of Manufacture:1969-197x

Manuals and schematics :

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Tube and Semiconductor Complement:

16: 6LQ6 6LQ6 6GK6 12BE6 7360 12BA6 12AX7 6EW6 12BZ6 12BE6 12BA6 6EW6 12BA6 0A2 6BN8 12AX7 6GK6

Model Notes

Frequency range 3.5-4.0 MHz, 7.0-7.5MHz, 13.9-14.35MHz, 21.0-21.5MHz, 28.0-29.7MHz.
Power input 500W PEP on SSB, 350W on CW and 125W on AM.
Receiver sensitivity 0.5 microvolts for 10dB signal plus noise to noise ratio.
Receiver selectivity 2.7kHz ate -6dB and 4.4kHz at -60dB