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08.02.2016 08:04

Eddystone 940 & 77RMK2 For Sale

I have for sale an Eddystone 940 HF receiver (500kHz - 30MHz) with power cord as well as a 77R Mk2 VHF receiver (19MHz - 165MHz).

Theses beloned to my father and have, they will require some cosmetic work (cases will require paint work). Both are complete mechanically and internally. RF sections on both radios have not been touched, however on one radio the audio valve/s were removed and an IC audio amp module retrofitted. Radios have not been turned on for over 20 years and their current operational staus is unknown and untested. The original manuals for both are in a box, yet to be located.

Would like to dispose of as a pair - R2000.00 for both - (due to weight shipping not an option).

If interested -

Gary - 082 five seven eight five zero six six
de ZS6HG