Motorola F2265A HF-SSB ATU

Brand new, unused, MICOM-2 (Motorola F2265) mil-spec antenna tuners.

This is an AH-4 tuner on steroids... These antenna tuners are specifically made for the US army (meets MIL STD 810D), and are weatherproof, rugged, microprocessor controlled, automatic units designed for voice operation. A single RF cable connects the radio to the tuner providing both RF power and tuner control. The fast tuning design is ideal for Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) operation.

Technical Specs:
125 watts PEP
1.6-30 MHz
Single RF cable for both RF and control
Large memory capacity with fast tuning
Lightweight, compact and weather resistant
Low level tune power.
Fast tuning 1.6–30 MHz, tune time typical 0.5 seconds, maximum 1.5 seconds if tune frequency is not in-memory. Less than 20 milliseconds (ms) tuning time from in-memory, close to 4400 memories. Tuner operates on 12 volt DC, 1.2 amp, controlled via DC on RF coax, so only the single coax line to tuner is needed. Specifically made for MICOM-2 and MICOM-3 series radios, however if you’d like to use it on other makes you’ll have to add an interface to momentary interrupt DC in order to initiate auto tune (see MFJ4117). Tuning frequency is achieved with 3-5 watts CW.
The only distributor in USA (Royal Communications / Mobat), quoted the price in March as $2586 excluding taxes (equates to R31345 excluding Vat/Tax and shipping)..... I’m selling these at less than a tenth of the price, R3000neg, and will include local postage.

All pictures and manuals available HERE. Please feel free to email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

73 de ZS6JPS