Coming Events

KZN AWA Gathering at Baynesfield Museum hosted, by Bert ZS5MQ

We would be delighted to host the AWA and other hams at the next open day at Baynesfield Estate / Wireless Shack which is to be held on Sunday, 28th June 2015.

The gates open to the public around 09.00 hrs. I would suggest maybe we could have a braai next to the Shack, I have confirmed the above with the powers that be!!
Members would be welcome to bring anything that they would like to show the rest of us and if they have anything that want to sell, they could go round the corner and do their deal!!
The Wireless Shack is always ready to accept any donation of equipment that might be not wanted by their owners. (Test Equipment etc,etc)!!
We will keep in touch with you.
73 de Bert ZS5MQ