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The idea of members being able to submit articles and papers has always been a part of AWASA culture on the web.
On this web site, you can share via Articles and in the Forum.

Begin by clicking on "Submit an Article" from the User Menu.

How to fill in the boxes


- Click the "Submit an Article" option on the User Menu. This is how I entered this article.
- You will see a Title Edit Box - I entered "How do I submit an Article or Paper" in the window. I left the Alias field empty - the system will fill this in.


- The editor has been configured to allow for editing controls required to produce a simple article.
- The symbols are similar to those used in word processing programs and there is a simple help system.
- You will also see an "HTML" button. - The same as "Toggle Editor".
- PLEASE do not use MS-Word or other word processors, because the HTML they generate is too complicated and contains elements we don't allow. In addition the links to any pictures in your article will be lost.


The default category is "articles" - but we will let you use any category (We might move it if it isn't on topic :). When you edit the article, you can change the category yourself.

- Categories generally follow the naming on thetop menu buttons


You can also add metadata, if you want to. These are a description of the article and keywords that search engines used to use to find your article. Just make the article good and informative. The description is often the first paragraph of your article.

Other fields

- Just leave empty, unless you are keen to experiment.
- You might want to include a polite pseudonym in the "Author's Alias" field.

Editing you Article

- You will see your article within the category you chose.
- There is a print, an email and an edit icon - that looks like a pencil. It will get you back to the editor.
- When you have finished, save your work.

Inserting an Image

- Click on the "Tree" icon in the editor at the point you want the image to display,
- Upload your image,
- It will be in the"Images directory"
- Fill in the edit windows,
- Close the image uploader.

Please don't:

- Use the "Insert Code" button.
- Cut and Paste from a Wordprocssing Program or a pdf.
- Use offensive or inappropriate language
- Be afraid of sharing your knowledge with the membership

73 de ZS6JPS on behalf of ZS0AWA

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